Guinea Pig Breeds

Guinea Pig Breeds

Silver Agouti Guinea Pig

 Agouti Guinea Pig
Strictly speaking the Agouti guinea pig isn’t a breed but actually a colour. The root of the hair is a different colour to the rest of the hair. Normally the root is whatever colour from the black series the guinea pig has; the rest of the hair is likely to be of the colour from the red series that the guinea pig has.
Long-Haired ‘Abyssinian’ Guinea Pig - Quillcards Ecard
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Abyssinian guinea pigs are often remembered for their amazing coat; long and short, rough fur which stands on end in ‘cowlick’ rosettes. These guinea pigs are often tri-coloured, although you can get some which have just two colours on their coat and even one colour. The ideal Abyssinian guinea pig has 10 rosettes, one on each shoulder, one on each hip, four on the back and two on the rump – the rosettes on the shoulder are apparently optional for the breed, but desirable for show guinea pigs of this breed. They need to have quite a lot of attention lavished on their coat to stop it becoming tangled.

English Or American Short Haired Guinea Pig
These guinea pigs have a constantly and consistent smooth, glossy coat and can be of any colour. Their coats tend to be fairly short, although like all guinea pigs they need regular brushing to keep their fur in prime condition.
Short haired guinea pigs are the most common breed of guinea pig that is kept as pets. They come in many different colours: black, white, brown, chocolate, dutch colours e.t.c. Many of these guinea pigs also have more than one colour on their coat. When they are being shown, they are put into classes depending on their colour, e.g Self chocolate, self black, Dalmatian, Himalayan e.t.c and not (usually) whether they are American or English short hairs.

Himalayan Guinea Pig
These guinea pigs’ coats resemble a Siamese cats – they are completely white for the first few weeks of its life, and then it gains darker points, depending on the temperature it lives in (the colder it is the darker points it is likely to have) – this is the same with a Siamese cat. The darkest areas of the guinea pig’s coat are likely to be the face, paws and feet. The colour of the points can range from a light brown through to black. Their eyes should be dark red for them to be of the Himalayan breed. They originated in south-east Asia.

Peruvian Guinea Pig
The Peruvian guinea pig is possibly one of the longest-haired of all guinea pig breeds. It’s hair tends to keep growing throughout it’s life and can reach up to and over 20 inches in length if left, though this is not advisable as it can get tangled around the animal. They need a lot of care and attention and maintenance of their fur.

The Rex guinea pig has short fuzzy hair all over it’s body, much like the rex rabbit. Consequently their hair feels very soft. These guinea pigs should have fur that is a consistent length (usually no more than half an inch) with no ‘tufts’. Rex guinea pigs also don’t have any rosettes. Rex guinea pigs look very similar to Teddy guinea pigs, but the two breeds are genetically different so if you breed the two together you won’t get a Teddy or a Rex but most likely an American Cavy.

Silkie/ Sheltie
The Silkie, or Sheltie guinea pig as it is also known, has long flowing hair – the difference between this breed and the Peruvian is that the Silkie never has hair going forward over its head, whereas the Peruvian often does.

Skinny Pigs
This breed is a virtually hairless guinea pig, but with hair typically on their muzzles, legs and feet. Their skin is fairly sensitive compared with other guinea pig breeds. Skinnys can come in many different colours and patterns. The term ‘skinny pig’ refers to a specific guinea pig breed and not all guinea pigs who are hairless.

Teddy Guinea Pig For Sale

Teddy Guinea Pigs
Teddy guinea pigs get their name from the fact that their fairly long curly or frizzy hair that covers their body makes them look like a child’s toy. Teddy’s are quite different compared to other breeds because they are one of only a few piggy breeds who have lots of hair on their tummies; most other guinea pigs have little hair on their tummies. Baby Teddy guinea pigs are often mistaken for Rexs, as both breeds look similar but are genetically different.
There are two types of Teddy guinea pigs; the US Teddy and the CH Teddy (Swiss Teddy). Both of these guinea pig breeds are visually and genetically different to one another.

Texel guinea pigs are very much like silkies but their long hair is curly, usually tight corkscrew curls. Unlike Silkies or Shelties, a parting down the middle of the guinea pig’s hair is allowed for the breed. Texels originated from England.
I wouldn’t recommend getting a Texel as a first guinea pig due to their long hair needing a lot of regular maintenance and attention.

There are a few more breeds, but they are quite rare so you will probably never see one. Mind you the skinny is quite rare, I think they are very cute!
The easiest guinea pig for a beginner is Teddy, Short-haired.
All short-haired breeds are easiest breed to look after.

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